Link your WealthBar account to Mint and see how your money moves

November 21, 2017


Link your WealthBar account to Mint and see how your money moves


Connect your WealthBar account to MintDo you use Mint to manage your budget? Many of our investor clients use Mint to get a bird’s eye view into their spending and savings habits across institutions.

Some also use Wealthica, an investment tracking service that connects your financial institutions and saves all your transaction history so you can track your financial journey in one place to get an unbiased view of your investment transactions and other holdings.

Now you can link your WealthBar account to MintWealthica and other third parties! It’s a snap.

Here’s how to link your accounts

  • Login to WealthBar. Under your profile, locate the Security tab to generate a Third Party Key
  • Next, login to Mint, Wealthica or another third party. Follow their account linking protocol
  • Where prompted, enter your Third Party Key username and password to enable secure access to your WealthBar account

And you’re done! Simple, right? Now you can instantly see the whole picture of where all your money is moving and manage it even more effectively.

If you need help, or are looking to arrange a checkup with your financial adviser, feel free to get in touch!

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